A Detailed Look

(Courtesy of SilverStone)

The SilverStone NJ450-SXL silent power supply enclosure uses four extruded aluminum side panels. The finned panels act as heat sinks and dissipate the internal waste heat to the surrounding ambient air. Thermal pads are used inside the power supply to conduct heat away from internal components to the side panels. The power supply measures 130mm deep x 63.5mm x 125mm.

The back panel includes an On-Off switch, AC receptacle and the PSU nameplate.   

The front panel on the NJ450-SXL PSU incorporates eight modular cable connectors, all nicely labelled and color coded (the small 4-pin connector is for the voltage sense leads attached to the main 24-pin ATX cable). The PSU comes with little plastic covers over the connectors, which can be left in place on any unused connectors to keep dirt out. Each blue connector supports a cable with two PCI-E 8/6-pin connectors.

All of the modular cables are flat ribbon-style to assist with neat cable routing and to help maximize airflow. Note that all of the cables are intentionally rather short as this power supply is designed for use in small-size, SFF cases.

Under the Hood

Here are a few pictures showing the layout and components inside NJ450-SXL power supply.  SilverStone is one again using Enhance as the OEM and informed us the Nightjar 450W PSU design was adapted from the SilverStone SX800-LTI, also made by Enhance. The overall layout, soldering, and build quality all look very good.

As we mentioned earlier, thermal pads are used transfer heat from internal components to the heavy aluminum side plates.

The power supply features a modern circuit design that incorporates a half bridge topology and LLC resonant converter along with a synchronous secondary with DC-to-DC VRMs to produce the +3.3V and +5V rails from the +12V output. All of capacitors used inside the PSU are Japanese made with a mix of solid polymer and electrolytic caps used throughout. For example, the main bulk capacitor is made by Hitachi and rated for 390uF, 450V, and 105°C.

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