Two different sources have confirmed there will be a shortage of Intel processors over the coming months, Novatch and Compal Electronics, with no clear end in sight.  This is not necessarily due to the difficulties they've encountered moving to a new fabrication node, but that certainly can't help.  Demand for Xeon processors has climbed quickly and Intel is scrambling to provide supply.  They do suggest they are focusing specifically on Xeon and Core processor production; one might point out that is the vast majority of their business and so of course they are.

This is a huge opportunity for AMD, the EPYC product line is in stock, less expensive and certainly capable of the level of performance that Enterprise requires, let alone SMBs.  A shortage of Core series also opens up an opportunity for system builders to start providing Ryzen based systems for consumers.  Their lower cost GPUs may also see a spike in sales in the coming months if the price of NVIDIA's RTX cards increase beyond their current level. 

"In a warning to customers on Thursday, Novatech said that the shortage has been caused by high demand for Intel's Xeon data centre microprocessors, which Intel has chosen to prioritise over consumer and business PC demands."

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