Four stacks of 99 Beserkers; are you kidding me?  While it is early days yet and my quest has but begun Brian Fargo's resurrection of his old series, The Bards Tale, is looking good.  The graphics seem a little prettier than when last we visited Skara Brae but many of the mechanics remain the same.  You even get to print out and make your own code wheel, something not often seen now that the days when cloth maps were included with your game have passed into memory.

That sad, if you lack the desire for that nostalgic feel, you might not enjoy this game as much as some, at least until some patches come out.  Save points are not exactly the best way to keep your narrative flowing, as Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN points out and they had some technical issues which I had not noticed; apart from it strongly disliking full screen mode on multiple monitors.  If you backed the Kickstarter as I did you have probably already given this a spin, otherwise you can grab it on Steam or GOG and if you are on the fence then hold off for a bit to see how inExile improves the game over the next few months.

"I cannot stress enough that, no matter how much it looks like we control the theatrical metal bands on the top half of the game’s screen performing for a crowd down in the pit at the bottom, we’re actually put in charge of that bottom lot to duff up the topfolk."

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