Have I Been Pwned has been around for some time now, letting you determine if your email address was included in one of the disturbingly frequent data breaches which have occurred in the past few years.  FireFox Monitor is a new site which uses that database to search email addresses users enter, with two added features. When you submit your email, it turns it into an SHA-1 hash which is then compared to the emails in the database, offering you a bit more protection if you so desire.  You can also request that your email address be monitored, with automated searches sent in occasionally so you don't need to remember to check on them yourself.  According to the discussion The Inquirer has with Mozilla, there are plans to integrate this into Firefox to make it even easier to keep tabs on your emails.

"Mozilla on Tuesday debuted a service called Firefox Monitor that it has been testing to help people see whether their email addresses have been compromised."

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