Using bone conduction to transmit audio into your ears is not new but it has not been common when talking about computer headphones.   It is something more advantageous for young ears which have yet to be damaged by years of listen to loud music, but even those looking at the top of the hill could use all the help we can get.  Vidonn's F1 were investigated by PC Review recently, which you can check out right here.  The headphones performed as expected, allowing you to hear your audio as well as everything around you, at the cost of sound quality.  If you are interested in the idea but don't have to worry about your surroundings then grab some earplugs as using them in conjunction with the conduction does offer improved audio quality.

"Vidonn is a Chinese company which makes wearable smart technology designed to be worn during sport activities. Currently their range is limited to smart watches and one pair of Bluetooth headphones; the F1."

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