MyDigitalSSD BPX Pro M.2 NVMe SSD Review – 240GB, 480GB, 960GB Tested!

240GB, 480GB, 960GB Tested!

MyDigitalDiscount doesn't seem to have been satisfied with their performance BPX line or their value SBX line, and have now launched a BPX Pro, which looks to carry the budget pricing of the SBX while offering performance *higher* than the original BPX. How much faster is the BPX Pro than the BPX? That's what this review sets to find out, so let's get to it.



With the label peeled back, we find the Phison E12, coupled to Toshiba BiCS3 TLC NAND. PCBs are single sided up to 480GB. 960GB (and 2TB – not in this review) employ a different PCB with additional DRAM and two more flash packages on the flip side.


Details of our test suite and methodology/process are available here.

Random performance looks pretty good, and progresses neatly as capacity increases. This is especially noteworthy for the 960GB model, which surpasses the 1TB 960 EVO in both reads and writes!

Sequentials are also respectable, with burst writes beating the Samsung part (more on this further down, when we look at cache performance).

With a mixed workload, we see that the BPX Pro roughly doubles the write throughput, and is able to scale reads with capacity even in the face of those background writes.

…Samsung is still able to service this workload faster, but the BPX Pro is certainly closing here.

240GB writes at nearly 1GB/s, with TLC speeds running at 300 MB/s. Cache amount is inconsistent, but there were a few 25GB stretches in there.

480GB cached writes approach 1.9GB/s, dropping to 600 MB/s. Maximum cache observed was 40GB, which oddly took place at the highest write duty cycle portion of the sequence.

The 960GB model cached writes run at 2.9GB/s, dropping to 1GB/s once the cache is depleted. While the cache amount ran upwards of 50GB, this figure should be higher, and cache performance across all three capacities tested was not as consistent as expected. Further, there should have been more cache available at the two far ends of these charts. The first pass (leftmost section) takes place after a full 10 minute idle. The second after 5 minutes. There is another 5-minute wait before the last pass. These areas should have seen the highest available write cache.

Pricing and Conclusion:


  • 240GB   – $75   – $0.31/GB (Amazon)
  • 480GB   – $130 – $0.27/GB (Amazon)
  • 960GB   – $260 – $0.27/GB (Amazon)
  • 1920GB – $520 – $0.27/GB (Amazon)

The MyDigitalSSD BPX Pro turned out to be a surprisingly performant SSD, especially given its budget-like pricing. While the company is still relatively new, they have proven themselves across several generations of products, so the 5-year warranty should offer sufficient peace of mind. Overall, the BPX Pro offers good performance at a competitive price, and should be strongly considered, especially for budget-minded system builds.

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