It has been over four years since we first heard about Skywind from the team at TES Renewal Project, a complete remake of Morrowind using Skyrim but it is still coming and we have a new trailer.  From the Silt Striders through to today's look at caves and a certain ominous volcano the game looks absolutely gorgeous. The combat will be updated from the original, which may not be as good as you remember unless you fired up the old beast recently, you can see a bit in the trailer below.  If the wait is getting painful and you are looking for something else to try then Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN has a few suggestions at the end of the article including a reminder that Enderal will be hitting Steam, with new content, in the very near future.

"Clearly a huge amount of love has been poured into this project, and the Skywind team have gone above and beyond when it comes to detailing its environments. Skywind’s caves are irregularly structured volcanic formations, and its Dwemer ruins appear beautifully lit."

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