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Like most press events, we did not leave empty handed. GIGABYTE provided several of their release offerings for us to take a closer look at, including their AORUS K9 Optical keyboard, AORUS Optical M5 gaming mouse, and AORUS-branded extended size mouse pad.

AORUS K9 Optical Keyboard

GIGABYTE's latest keyboard offering, the AORUS K9 Optical keyboard, features a full metal construction, full RGB support with several operational modes, fast response optical switches, as well as a water proof design. While they did not have this on display at the event, they did show pictures of the keyboard fully immersed and operational in a fish-tank. They keyboard features a black sheathed USB cable providing both connectivity and power, as well as a floating key design making for easy in-between key cleaning. The keyboard itself is offered in Red and Blue variants, which mimic the behavior of their mechanical switch-based counterparts. Also included with the K9 are a key puller for removing both the key covers as well as the optical switches themselves, as well as orange colored key caps for the typical game-related keys (A / S / D / F / Up / Down / Left / Right / Esc).

Courtesy of GIGABYTE

Courtesy of GIGABYTE

As stated previously, the K9 keyboard's keys are two parts – the plastic keycap, and the optical switch itself. Both can be removed using the provide key puller. Removing the keycap itself reveals a good visual of the switch itself and reveals how the individual key lighting system works. The optical switches are clear, lit by an RGD LED integrated into the keyboard's PCB. The clear switch allows the LED light to illuminate the clear letter designation in the keycap as well as giving a neat under-lit effect to the key itself. Removing the optical switch reveals the keyboard PCB itself. The switch mounts to the PCB with a rubber o-ring sealing the assembly and giving it a water tight design.

AORUS M5 Optical Gaming Mouse

For their mouse line, GIGABYTE released the AORUS M5 Optical Gaming mouse. The mouse has some heft to it because of the included weights with a total of 12.5 grams of weight available to add to it. The M5 offers full RGB support with a 16000 dpi optical sensor and 50 million click-rated Omron switches. It also goes very well (visually) with the K9 Optical keyboard.

Removing the back panel of the mouse reveals the compartment that allows for use of up to five 2.5 gram weights into the mouse.

AORUS Mousepad

GIGABYTE also gave us one of their over-sized AORUS-branded mouse pads. The mouse pad has a slick surface for a great use experience as well as a non-slip bottom so that the pad remains in place even under the most grueling gaming session.

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