Lenny is a chat bot designed to drive telemarketers crazy, or at least keep them on the phone and prevent them from calling another line.  It is quite simple, with only 16 recorded phrases in total, four to make it sound like he is interested in whatever is being sold and 12 which loop until the caller gives up.  The bot waits for a pause of a second and a half or more before playing the next comment, in slow and muffled Australian accent.  Motherboard had a chat with the person who currently curates the bot, who goes by the moniker Mango, about the bot and how successful it is.

If you are curious on how to make use of Lenny, for bothering telemarketers and not pranking, you can get some info on this Reddit thread.  Again, just skip this if you are only interested in a prank, as it ties up the lines and means telemarketers can continue to call real people to scam them. 

"Lenny is a decade-old chatbot designed to troll telemarketers that has developed a cult following online. It’s remarkably convincing, but is it actually effective?"

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