Synthetic Testing

Geekbench 4.3.0

Geekbench single-thread shows the most of the Intel HEDT processors in line with each other with the i9-9980XE achieving a score 3% faster than the Intel's previous 18-core offering, the i9-7980XE.

Despite this, the i9-9980XE is almost 13% slower than the i9-9900K in the Geekbench single-thread test suite.

When it comes to multi-thread testing with Geekbench, the i9-9980XE is the fastest CPU tested, coming in around 6% faster than the previous generation's i9-7980XE.

Cinebench R15

Considering that the R15 version of the Cinema 4D that the latest version of Cinebench utilizes is four years out of date from the mainline Cinema 4D application, we are now considering Cinebench as a synthetic benchmark, rather than a real-world rendering application.

Despite rising to the top of the pack in regards to HEDT processors, the i9-9980XE sees a similar 12% performance gap in single-threaded performance while rendering with Cinebench.

When it comes to applications that scale well across many cores, like Cinebench in multi-threaded mode, the AMD Threadripper processors' sheer core count advantage starts to shine.

The Intel i9-9980XE falls behind the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX by 30% in this test.


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