Final Thoughts and Conclusions

The new Corsair Platinum Series SF600 power supply exhibited very good voltage regulation and AC ripple suppression, all the way up to full load. The power supply also delivered excellent efficiency; easily meeting the 80 Plus Platinum criteria while operating on 120 VAC and at elevated temperatures. And the SF600 Platinum PSU is quiet, especially for a small form factor unit.

Both the SF450 and SF600 Platinum power supplies are fully modular and come with individually sleeved cables. They incorporate a Zero RPM fan mode (up to ~30% load) for silent operation at low power. And once spinning the cooling fan continues to operate quietly even as the load increases, thanks to the Corsair custom designed 92mm cooling fan. Both power supplies incorporate a full suite of safety circuits and come backed by a 7-year warranty. If you are in the market for an SFX power supply one of these Corsair units should be on your short list. And if you don’t need/want Platinum level efficiency, the SF450 and SF600 Gold Series units are still available.

The SF Platinum Series SFX power supplies are currently entering retail channels. Pricing for the two new Corsair Platinum Series SFX power supplies is:

•    Platinum Series SF600 MSRP: $149.99 USD
•    Platinum Series SF450 MSRP: $119.99 USD

•    600W continuous DC output (up to 50°C)
•    Excellent build quality
•    Compact SFX form-factor chassis (only 100mm deep)
•    Excellent efficiency: 80 Plus Platinum certified
•    Very good load regulation and AC ripple suppression
•    Quiet operation
•    Corsair designed 92mm fan with a riffled sleeve bearing for long life
•    Zero RPM Fan Mode for silent operation at low power
•    105°C Japanese capacitors for high reliability
•    SFX-to-ATX mounting bracket included
•    Active PFC (0.99 PF typical) with Universal AC input
•    Safety Protections: OCP, OVP, UVP, SCP, OTP, and OPP
•    7-Year Manufacturer’s warranty

Potential Weakness:
•    Cables are intentionally short for use in SFX enclosures (may be too short for use in larger cases when using the SFX-to-ATX adapter)

Corsair Platinum Series SF600 Power Supply

Our thanks to Corsair for sending us the Platinum Series SFX PSUs to review!

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