More Installation and Impressions

Overall it is a very easy set up. Clamp the wheel down, place the pedals where they are comfortable, run the software, and plug in the USB connection. The wheel will turn a couple of times to calibrate and it will be ready to go.

The leather wrapped wheel is very comfortable to grasp and keeps that way throughout long racing sessions. The paddle shifters have a nice amount of travel. Not too short and not too long. There is an audible click when those engage and that tactile sensation is not overblown or underrepresented.

The wheel is surprisingly compact once it is assembled and mounted. Other competing units are quite a bit larger. Then again, they typically feature more complex motors and pulley assemblies.

Driving with this unit is a bit of a mixed bag. Though this features a dual motor design and dual helical gears, the force of the feedback is not all that great. It is far less than what one would get with the Fanatec CSL Elite and Thrustmaster TS-PC (more than twice the price), it is also less than the Thrustmaster T300R and TX units (slightly higher priced). I would say the best comparison is slightly above that of the Thrustmaster T150 and TMX units ($199 and below). It has pretty good feel and vibration, and it is easy to feel when the tires have traction or are slipping. Some of the subtleties are missing though. It does not feel as natural when centering itself after a corner and letting the wheel slide through your hands. Some of the reactions that one would expect are very muted or nearly non-existent.

The helical gears are somewhat immune to the “lash” that pulley systems can have. Force feedback is direct and pretty much instant. Wheel action is slower than competing pulley based systems and there is some notchiness with the gears. It is not nearly as bad as in previous generations of Logitech products, and this wheel does not “feature” the dead spot when centered that previous wheels did. The gears are a good way to cut down on some of the complexity and give a more direct drive experience. Sadly it is still not a direct drive unit and it is underpowered as compared to more expensive units.

There are other aspects that work perfectly fine. The rumble of rough asphalt, the transitions from road to dirt, the bite drivers will feel when the tire is firmly gripping. The wheel has a good heft to it without feeling overly heavy. The transitions with the helical gears may feel slightly slower than perhaps a pulley system, but it is not nearly enough to ruin a game or the experience. The leather wrap is very comfortable and the rim is nice and firm. Users will not be able to sink their fingers into the rim to cause deformations, but it is not rock hard or uncomfortable.

From this angle it looks like the front of a 2012 Ford Mustang. Or close enough. A fun, stylish choice that does not affect overall performance one way or another.

Software support for this wheel is very good. It supports both PS4 and PC. On the PC it is natively recognized by most racing titles stretching from 2014 on. All of the very latest titles have native support and often extra features for use with these Logitech wheels. The rev lights are very handy in the applications which support it.

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