Logitech is a very interesting company. They have a lot of good designers and engineers and they pride themselves on producing a very, very good product. Logitech is a world leader in mice and one of the top keyboard makers. They have a very wide base of products, and as I am writing this I am listening to music on my Logitech Z5500 speakers that I have owned for 14 years! 14 years for a set of computer speakers that still work perfectly and sound excellent! That is some seriously good engineering and quality control.

The bottom features plenty of space to route cables without crimping or compressing when the unit is clamped down upon the mounting surface.

So how do they do with wheels? I would say that their focus is certainly not where the Fanatecs and Thrustmasters of the world are. Those companies are laser focused on their primary moneymakers. Logitech sees a market for themselves with a good quality controller with a few interesting features there, but they are not fully invested in producing new wheel products year in and year out. The G29 was released in 2015 and has not had an update. Thrustmaster and Fanatec are a little quicker with their updates and they have another avenue of revenue with the ability to swap out different rims. Each year we see a handful of new rim designs that can be swapped out if a user is interested. It seems to keep things fresh. Logitech does not have that ability with their fixed device (just like the Thrustmaster TMX and T150 products).

The introductory price of the G29 was simply far too high at $400 US. While there were certainly people who purchased this wheel and were happy with it, those who shopped around and tried other options were probably far more likely to pick up a Thrustmaster TX on sale for $260 than go for the G29 for $400. Over the years Logitech has slowly decreased the price of the G29 to where it is today. It is quite common to find this part for $250 to $275, and that is a much better price point.

Consumers who are willing to spend that type of money on a racing wheel will be getting quite a lot for that money. It has performance of the lower end wheels on the market, but it features far nicer materials and a better overall experience from those budget parts. The leather, aluminum, and steel parts on this set up are a huge step above what we see at that price. Even the Thrustmaster TX on sale for around that price features a rubberized wheel and two pedal base with very little brake feel.

The shifter is a good addition to the race set for a different experience. Most people rely on paddle shifters on the wheel for gear changes, but changing it up with a 6 speed shifter can breathe new life into older titles.

When we view it from that aspect, it is one of the best wheels in its price range. Getting a T300R will give a better force feedback experience, but it costs a whole lot more to kit it out with a 3 pedal base and a leather wrapped wheel. The G29 has an excellent balance of the things that probably mean the most to sim racers. It is a well designed product that is now a best-of-breed for its price range. Logitech will eventually release a successor to these latest wheels, but rumors point to that being nowhere close to happening.

I am not sure if it is a Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday special, but consumers can find the G29 for $199. At that price it is an absolute steal for what the user gets. Solid software, good force feedback, excellent materials, and a quality product from Logitech that has had very few black marks against it.

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