PC Perspective Podcast #524 – 12/5/2018

Our podcast this week features discusion of the new RTX Titan, Snapdragon 855, NVIDIA AI technologies, the new Google Pixel Slate, and more!

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Today's Podcast Hosts

Jim Tanous: https://twitter.com/JimTanous
Allyn Malventano: https://twitter.com/malventano
Sebastian Peak: https://twitter.com/sebastianpeak
Josh Walrath: https://twitter.com/JoshDWalrath
Jeremy Hellstrom: https://twitter.com/jeremyhellstrom
Alex Lustenberg

Show Topics

00:04:27 – Logitech G29 Racing Wheel Review
00:14:38 – NVIDIA Titan RTX
00:20:33 – Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
00:39:48 – Intel MESO
00:46:35 – Mineral Oil-Cooled Raspberry Pi
00:50:54 – Google Pixel Slate
00:55:51 – NVIDIA AI Real-World Video
01:00:59 – NVIDIA PhysX Open Source
01:03:43 – New PowerVR Chips
01:08:54 – Microsoft's Chromium Browser?
01:15:36 – SilverStone PTS Compact ATX Power Supplies
01:18:28 – Thermaltake RGB Power Supply
01:21:29 – MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

Picks of the Week

JimBeneath a Surface
JeremyMSI GV62 15-inch Gaming Laptop
JoshLogitech G29 Racing Wheel
AllynNovelLife Electric Screwdriver
SebastianMUNT Roland MT-32 Emulator for Classic Games