Internals and Test System Setup


Alright, time to void some warranties. First up is the 883 DCT (2.5" SATA) and 983 DCT (in both 2.5" U.2 and M.2 22110 form factors):

Next up is the 983 ZET – something I've wanted to see the inside of for quite some time now:

Overall impressions are that these are well-built devices, with an appropriate additional attention to detail taken to ensure adequate heat is removed from the right places. Samsung has never had a problem in this area, but these enterprise parts seem to have just a touch more care taken over the more common consumer parts.

The media package distribution and Samsung's ability to stack dies within each package suggests that these products can go *way* higher than the current capacities. As an example, the Z-SSD is currently available in only up to a 960GB capacity, but can easily double that just by populating the vacant locations on the current PCB design.

Test System

For this review, I spun up an ASUS Prime X299-A with 32GB of Corsair DDR4 3000 C15 DRAM and an Intel® Core™ i9-7900X running with C/P-states disabled. The mentality was to make the test system as transparent as possible so that we could extract the highest possible performance from the storage devices being tested. This was the fastest system/platform that I had on-hand where I was confident in its stability and performance consistency, else I would have gone with something even faster.

Since there is so much to get through, the next chunk of pages will each focus on each model and capacity, comparing their rated specifications against the performance measured in our own testing.

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