Middle Earth Shadow of War, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, World of Tanks

Continuing our look at in-game benchmarks with Middle Earth: Shadow of War we find the RTX 2060 moving up with the RTX 2070 and 2080 cards at the top of the charts at both resolutions, with performance exceeding even the GTX 1080 here.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is next, and while this will eventually be a prime ray tracing data point we are looking at conventional performance here. Note that at 1920×1080 there is odd behavior from the AMD cards, with the RX 590 neck and neck with the Vega 64 in what is a seemingly incongruous result; but this was replicated in new testing performed after a clean install of the latest Radeon drivers. I have left this benchmark in to compare the GeForce cards to one another, but I will have to revisit this benchmark to find out what is happening with the Radeon cards here at the "high" preset, as "medium" shows expected scaling.

The proximity of the RX 590 to the Vega 64 is odd, suggesting a bottleneck at this "high" preset. The 3840×2160 result with the "medium" preset is a more accurate look at the performance of the Radeon cards relative to one another.

The RTX 2060 is just behind the GTX 1080 at 1080p in this test, and takes the lead moving up to 2160:

This impressive performance with the RTX 2060 is indicative of how formidable the card becomes at higher resolutions compared to the previous generation, and it will be interesting to see where the cards place in the 2560×1440 testing to come. And yes, the Radeon cards scale as expected at UHD resolution, but the "medium" preset is more likely the reason.

And finally we have a look at World of Tanks enCore, which is a bit less demanding compared to some of the other games tested so the "ultra" preset was used for all tests.

This benchmark at "ultra" was a little harder on the RTX 2060 relative to the Pascal cards, and by the time we move up to UHD the RTX 2060 is closer to performance of the GTX 1070 Ti, faring even better when we look at frame time performance.

Next we'll cover power draw as well as cooling and noise performance with this Founders Edition card.

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