PC Perspective Podcast #527 – 1/2/2019

Our podcast this week looks at the analog optical Wooting One keyboard, new entry-level AMD APUs with Vega graphics, the latest RTX 2060 rumors, and a discussion of how we all found ourselves here at PCPer.

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Today's Podcast Hosts
Sebastian Peak
Josh Walrath
Jeremy Hellstrom
Jim Tanous

Show Topics
00:03:27 – Intro: Extra Life Update
00:05:31 – Review: Wooting One Analog Optical Keyboard
00:11:31 – News: AMD Athlon Vega APUs
00:14:09 – News: MSI B450/B350 Athlon 200GE Overclocking
00:17:45 – News: Dell Goes Public (Again)
00:22:17 – News: ARM Cortex-A65AE with SMT
00:26:52 – News: NVIDIA OC Scanner for Pascal
00:29:19 – News: NVIDIA RTX 2060 Leaks
00:35:38 – Discussion: Gaming & Poor Parenting
00:40:19 – Discussion: PC Perspective History
00:56:55 – Picks of the Week
01:12:10 – Outro

Picks of the Week
Jim – FlexiSpot SanoDesk Pro
Jeremy – Not the Logitech Harmony Hub
Josh – eero Home WiFi System
Sebastian – Gotek Floppy Drive Emulator