As of February 16, the Aquacomputer Cuplex Kryos Next water block was available from for $109.50 and from for $94.50.


Aquacomputer Cuplex Kryos Next is a nicely designed block with a wide assortment of configuration options. Aquacomputer chose to offer the block with a variety of designs and processor mount kits factory installed, including a nickel-plated block with a Silver base, an acrylic block with copper base, an all copper block with or without nickel plating, and all of the above designs with their Vision module integrated into the front panel of the block. The down side is that none of the different tops or bottoms offered are available for purchase separately, meaning that you must choose carefully when you buy your block (especially if you decide to get the integrated Vision module). The all nickel-plated copper version that we reviewed was a stellar performer with a sleek modern look that should fit easily with most builds. Performance-wise, it differentiated itself among the top performing blocks. The Cuplex Kryos Next's build quality was top notch with no machining or scuff marks present anywhere on the block. The one complaint, aside from the lack of replacement tops, was with the procedure involved in switching out the block's mounting brackets. This will not affect most users, but remains a minor annoyance for us. To switch out the mounting brackets, you must first remove the base plate to access the screws securing the mounting brackets in place.


  • Performance under stock and overclocked conditions
  • Diversity of block designs offered
  • Build quality of the cooler
  • Mounting bracket design and ease of use
  • Factory installed mounting bracket
  • Micro-channel design, optimizing surface area for maximum heat exchange
  • Simplicity of disassembly


  • Price
  • Use of hex headed screws throughout block design
  • Difficulty in switching out block mounting brackets
  • Lack of availability of replacement tops
  • Increased flow resistance resulting from density of micro-channel design

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