Application Overview

Included Applications

  • ASUS AI Suite 3
  • DIGI+ Power Control
  • EPU
  • Turbo EVO
  • Fan Xpert 4
  • PC Cleaner
  • EZ Update
  • Ai Charger
  • Turbo LAN
  • AURA RGB Lighting Control
  • Intel Extreme Turning Utility
  • Norton Internet Security

AI Suite 3

The AI Suite 3 application is a bundling mechanism for all the included ASUS designed utilities, providing a centralized panel from which to access and run the applets. All applets can be accessed by clicking on the expansion button on the middle left side of the page. The applet list then slides out to the right in a frame along the inside left of the page. The AI Charger+ applet configure the USB port for optimized fast-charging of Apple-specific or generic USB-based devices.

The main app opens to the DIGI+ VRM page that houses settings specific to the board CPU power circuitry. The EPU page houses power saving related settings. The overclocking settings are housed in the TurboV EVO page. The Fan Xpert4 section contains fan controls. The System Information page houses board and CPU-specific information settings. Along the bottom of the app are real-time monitoring display settings.

EPU page

TurboV EVO page, CPU Frequency tab

TurboV EVO page, Auto Tuning tab

Fan Xpert4 page

Fan Xpert4, Fan details page

System Information page

ASUS AURA RGB LED Lighting Control

The ASUS AURA applet controls the active state of the RGB LEDs embedded in to the board as well as LED strips connected to the board's RGB LED 12V header. The controlled LEDs can be configured for any desired color using the color picker control and to operate in a variety of modes including static, breathing, color cycle, rainbow, comet, flash and dash, wave, glowing yoyo, starry-night, strobing, smart, and music effect.

Settings tab

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