PC Perspective Podcast #533 – 2/20/2019

This week we review a new Synology NAS, a capable-but-pricey CPU water block, discuss launch date rumors for Ryzen 3000 and Navi, take a look at NVIDIA's Q4 financial results, and more!

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Show Topics
00:01:43 – Review: Synology DS1019+ NAS
00:12:05 – Review: Aquacomputer Cuplex Kryos Water Block
00:23:46 – News: Rumored Launch Dates for Ryzen 3000 & Navi
00:33:59 – News: Intel Pentium Gold G5620
00:39:20 – News: RTX BIOS Flashing
00:42:45 – News: Return of the Logitech MX518 Gaming Mouse
00:48:56 – News: NVIDIA Q4 Financial Results
01:11:41 – News: Samsung Galaxy Fold
01:13:22 – News: Undisclosed Microphones in Nest Secure
01:19:12 – Picks of the Week
01:30:55 – Outro

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Picks of the Week
Jim: HDTV & Home Theater Podcast
Jeremy: Gamdias Poseidon M1 Gaming Combo
Josh: Dell U3417W
Sebastian: CHOETECH Wireless Charger
Morry: MyDigitalSSD M2X

Today's Podcast Hosts
Sebastian Peak
Josh Walrath
Jeremy Hellstrom
Jim Tanous
Morry Teitelman