PC Perspective Podcast #537 – 3/20/2019

Join us this week as we review the new NVIDIA GTX 1660 and a high-end case from Corsair, discuss NVIDIA's Mellanox acquisition, get excited over Halo for PC, and more!

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Show Topics
00:00:22 – Intro
00:02:10 – Review: Razer Basilisk Essential Gaming Mouse
00:05:49 – Review: The Division 2 Performance Preview
00:18:34 – News: Real-Time Ray Tracing for Pascal
00:29:19 – News: Google Stadia
00:46:19 – News: GameWorks RTX & Unreal/Unity DXR Support
00:48:54 – News: Crytek Neon Noir Ray Tracing Demo
00:50:48 – News: Variable Rate Shading for DirectX 12
00:54:06 – News: NVIDIA T4 GPUs for the Server Room
01:00:10 – News: NVIDIA Creator Ready Drivers
01:04:29 – News: Oculus Rift S
01:08:39 – News: AMD Immune to SPOILER
01:18:13 – News: Windows 7 DX12 Support in Adrenalin Drivers
01:22:32 – News: Kyle Bennett Joins Intel
01:34:28 – Picks of the Week
01:44:58 – Outro

Picks of the Week
Jim: Cheap Threadripper
Jeremy: RogueTech Mod for BattleTech
Josh: Intel 660p SSD
Sebastian: OCAT 1.4

Today's Podcast Hosts
Sebastian Peak
Josh Walrath
Jeremy Hellstrom
Jim Tanous