The next expansion to Battletech has a trailer which you can see at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN, as well as some information on where your mercenary crew will be doing its shopping.  Urban Combat will indeed add very large buildings to combat, with new hazards such as fuel trucks, heat exchangers and electrical transformers to keep an eye on.  As you are unlikely to find much cover in the city, you might want to bring along the new Raven 1X which will sport ECM and and an Active Probe in a small package.  From the sounds of it, you will be able to mount ECM and Active Probes on other 'mechs, though you should expect them to eat up a serious amount of tonnage. 

The expansion will also bring in the Javelin, a close combat mech with the speed needed to close the distance and evade incoming fire, as well as three new crunchies to step on, if you can find them, and new type of mission.  This release will mean the RogueTech team has a bunch of work to do, especially as they've already included the BAP and Guardian ECM, as well as the aforementioned 'mechs. 

"Giant stompy bots aren’t exactly known for being stealthy, but in a loud city full of metal things, they have a slightly better chance of getting the jump on each other. As well as the cover-filled environment, there’s going to be a bunch of new ECM-focused techs in the expansion."

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