A Detailed Look

The PSU ships with a label over the back panel to make sure you understand that the fan will not start spinning until the PSU is under moderate load.

The Corsair AX850 Titanium power supply enclosure is painted matte black and measures 170mm (6.7”) long.  The back panel includes an AC receptacle, On-Off switch, and Zero RPM Fan Mode switch.

The power supply uses a high-quality fan made by Hong Hua (HA13525L12F-Z) which measures 135mm x 25mm and is rated for up to 1600 rpm and 0.22A at 12 VDC. The fan operates in silent Zero RPM mode up to ~40% load (25°C room temperature).

The front panel incorporates thirteen modular connectors for the power cables, all nicely keyed and labeled.

Fully Modular Cables

(2) 4+4 pin EPS x 650mm, (1) 24-pin ATX x 610mm, and (3) PCI-E x 775mm,

(4) SATA x 800mm, (1) FDD Adapter, and (2) 4-pin Peripheral x 750mm

The AX850 Titanium comes with a good assortment of fully modular cables and connectors. Some of the cables are sleeved while the rest are black, flat ribbon-style, which makes for easy installation with a clean look and helps optimize case airflow.

Under the Hood

Here are a few pictures showing the layout and components inside the AX850 Titanium power supply.  The AX Titanium Series was custom designed by Corsair and is manufactured by Seasonic, one of Corsair’s long standing, premium OEM partners.

The Corsair AX Titanium Series PSUs utilizes a modern full-bridge design with LLC resonant converter topology to minimize switching losses and help increase efficiency. Two DC-to-DC converters are used on the secondary to produce the +3.3V and +5V minor rails from the +12V main section.

All of the electrolytic capacitors used in the power supply are high-quality Japanese made caps rated for 105°C operation. For example, the two bulk capacitors are made by Nippon Chemi-con. The overall component layout is clean, leaves room for good airflow and the soldering appears very good.

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