Do you have a love/hate relationship with DNS and how it makes your life so interesting?  If not, hopefully you aren't using one of the D-Link, ARG-W4, DSLink, Secutech or TOTOLINK routers listed in this article at Slashdot as it is bound to ruin your trust in DNS.  Three distinct waves of attacks, late December 2018, early February 2019, and late March 2019 have been detected by Bad Packets and the attacks continue to this day. 

Using some well known but as of yet patched exploits, hackers are changing the DNS server on those routers so they can easily and invisibly redirect you to cloned sites to harvest account info as you attempt to log into these faked sites.  If you do have one of these routers, see about getting a firmware update from the manufacturer or your ISP … just don't do it from a machine connected to the router!

"Troy Mursch, founder and security researcher at internet monitoring firm Bad Packets, said he detected three distinct waves during which hackers have launched attacks to poison routers' DNS settings –late December 2018, early February 2019, and late March 2019. Attacks are still ongoing, he said today in a report about these attacks."

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