We already know one reason that some Galaxy Fold devices suffered screen failure, but there have been other reports of failures from wiser souls who did not remove a certain bit of plastic.  iFixit have since been probing into the issue and have come up with a hypothesis, gaps allowing dust and other contaminates which are incredibly bad for OLEDs, into the body of the phone.  There is a 7mm gap between the screen and the phones' front edge and more on the back of the phone's main hinge.  The quote at The Inquirer describes just how bad the hinge is; "The spine is flanked by massive gaps that our opening picks hop right into".

This may not be the entire story of the untimely deaths we have been seeing, though it seems it will be a long term problem as OLED killing particles have several ways into the Galaxy Fold.

"It's worth noting that a lot of review units were reportedly borked by folks removing a layer that looked like a removable screen protector but was, in fact, part of the display."

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