NVIDIA Releases GeForce 430.53 Hotfix Drivers

Source: NVIDIA (via CustHelp) NVIDIA Releases GeForce 430.53 Hotfix Drivers

A handful of bugs have been crushed with GeForce Hotfix Driver Version 430.53. If any of them are bothering you enough that you don’t want to wait for another Game Ready driver, then you can check out the NVIDIA Support page and download the appropriate version. Otherwise, as usual, you should wait for the next official release in case one of the fixes introduced a new bug.

The following bugs were addressed in 430.53:

  • High CPU usage attributed to NVDisplay.Container.exe (since 439.39)
  • Flickering in 3DMark Time Spy
  • BeamNG crashes on launch
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider crashes on launch
  • Desktop flickers when videos are played on a secondary monitor

The hotfix is available from the NVIDIA Support website.

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