Much like the Stanley Cup, Canada has failed to obtain a (Logitech G) PowerPlay outside of a few importers. While Logitech, themselves, are still silently refusing to sell it at Canadian retailers, their American page can finally accept orders from the north.

And yeah I bought one.

The concept seems obvious. You don’t want a wire on your mouse interfering with your movement, although having a wire near the back of the desk (at the end of the mousepad) isn’t a big deal. You also don’t want to have to remember to charge a mouse. So… why not have the mousepad connected to the back of your PC, and have the mousepad charge the mouse? So far, the PowerPlay behaves as advertised. It was instantly recognized by my PC and the mouse behaves like it should. (I should note that I already had the Logitech G software installed. I’m not sure whether it is required.)

The box came with two surfaces – a cloth surface is attached to the sensor, and a harder surface can be placed atop the cloth one. I only tried the cloth one, which feels like an extra-firm sheet of Neoprene. The Logitech logo in the bottom right feels a bit like a plastic sticker, almost like tape, although my hand never goes there so it shouldn’t matter. It is a bit weird why they didn’t just color that part of the fabric, though.

Based on the first hour-or-so of usage, it feels like a good buy. It’s on the expensive side at $95 USD plus a compatible mouse, but that has been the only trade-off that I’ve seen. There has been some complaints about the G903 (which is one of the few compatible mice) having click issues, but that was about a year ago. I’ll try to update if a problem arises.