The GLAIVE RGB PRO is not simply a GLAIVE RGB, ergo the question of what separates the two.  In order to show you enough that Ynyr the difference you should Rell-y visit The Guru of 3D to determine the Beast's weaknesses and strengths.  A custom Pixart PMW3391 sensor capable of registering up to 18,000 DPI should help you avoid traps and three different magnetically attached thumbrests will allow your wrist to Torquil in numerous positions. In the finale, it may be the ~$80 price tag and three zones of RGB colour that fan your flames.

"Corsair updated their GLAIVE RGB game mouse towards a Pro model. Next, to the new 18K Pixart sensor this mouse is very aesthetically pleasing with configurable RGB LEDs and has a grip that is intensely impressive. The mouse is fully programmable, has additional thumb game buttons (programmable as well). Oh hey, and did we mention it has magnetic removable thumb grips already?"

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