Ah, the sweet memories of West End Games' Paranoia RPG, in which you, a perfectly normal non-mutant troubleshooter who definitely wasn't a member of a secret society, did your best to show your love of the computer by exposing the traitorous behaviour of your other party members.  It also featured one of the best weapons ever included in an RPG, the thermonuclear hand grenade, with a maximum thrown range of 20 metres and blast radius of about 2 miles.

This game is coming soon to your PC thanks to Black Shamrock and Cyanide who are releasing Paranoia: Happiness Is Mandatory later this year.  Some of the fun of exposing your fellow Troubleshooters as the unhappy mutant terrorists that they are will be missing as you control all four members of your party, even so this lack is unlikely to extend the lifespan of your characters by more than a few seconds. 

Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN posted the trailer for your viewing enjoyment.

"Contrary to Disney propaganda, Alpha Complex is the happiest place on Earth. You now this because the Computer says so, and disagreeing with Friend Computer is treason."

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