Android Q Beta 2 is now available for those brave souls who want to try out the new features and bugs.  For those that would rather someone else experience the joys and terrors you can pop over to Ars Technica for a look at the new features, of which Bubbles seems to be the biggest.  On one level it is just another messaging app, but it goes a bit further than that by theoretically allowing you to minimize just about any app into a bubble with some contextual commands available by tapping on it.  As there is only one app which supports this beta feature at the moment, a demo app from Google, it is hard to say how effective this will be but for those who like to crowd their UI with multiple maps, chats, videos and web pages it might work out better then the other Bubbles

"Android Q Beta 2 is out! Despite the plethora of bug warnings from Google, I flashed it on my daily driver and am back to report on some things. Beta 2 gives us a whole new feature to play with called "Bubbles," lots of little changes, and frustratingly slow development on Android's gesture navigation system."

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