Charlie Owen, who was on the original Windows Media Center team has posted the entirety of the WMC SDK to GitHub for any and all to work on.  This means that for those who miss it, you may have a reason to dig out that Hauppauge card and install it in your Win10 machine.  The Inquirer rightly points out that products like the Roku and software like Plex offer a better experience for most, however there are some limitations to these more modern replacements.  Those who reside outside the US may find their streaming choices limited on new platforms, and there are those who have yet to cut the cord completely in order to retain locally broadcast content. 

Those people now have a new hope.

"Microsoft has long since removed the download link for WMC from its website, and Owen felt that he would be "preserving a bit of history for the diaspora that created Windows Media Center"."

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