PDP's LVL50 wireless headset can be used on both XBONE and PC constructed of fairly sturdy plastic with nylon mesh earcups, which keeps the cost below $80.  As that price implies, these are not for audiophiles but are more for multiplayer gaming and have the range required for you to put your feet up on the couch while gaming on the TV.  The battery offers about 16 hours of usage, 24 if sitting unattended so make sure to plug them in while you aren't using them.  The microphone quality is decent, The Tech Report describes it as loud and clear, almost as good as their Logitech G Pro.

Check out the review here.

"PDP's LVL50 is an intriguing product: a fully-wireless headset with Xbox and PC compatibility for an unusually affordable price. Does it have what it takes to stand out in the crowd? Here's the TR take."

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