Aerocool’s Tor, an Inexpensive Case Thoroughly RGB’d

Source: KitGuru Aerocool’s Tor, an Inexpensive Case Thoroughly RGB’d

A Shiny You Can Afford

Aerocool’s Tor can be bought on Amazon for $80 and sports enough RGBs to satisfy any level of addiction.  Behind the tempered glass front panel are a pair of 140mm addressable 14cm fans and there is a single 12cm fan in the back with space for an additional two 120mm fans at the top.  You can RGB every single one of those as the case comes with a fan RGB controller which can handle up to 10 fans, your choice if you use the LED control button and RGB remote control, or let your motherboard control the light show.  

Kitguru were impressed by the internal volume and compatibility but did find a few indications of how Areocool were able to keep the costs down, the controller was incompatible with Aura Sync and while the tempered glass side panel can be installed in eight different positions, only one is correct.

Aerocool Tor is a budget ATX case that offers a tempting combination of tempered glass panels and a pair of ARGB fans at the front that are connected to the lighting in the power supply cover. The lighting system is controlled by an RGB fan hub that can manage as many as ten fans, yet despite that you can buy this case for as little as £62.

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