ASUS Announces AMD X570 Motherboard Lineup for Ryzen 3000 Series

Source: ASUS ASUS Announces AMD X570 Motherboard Lineup for Ryzen 3000 Series

New Motherboards from ROG, ROG Strix, Prime, and TUF Gaming Series

AMD has made the Zen 2-powered Ryzen 3000 series official, and with any new CPU family we will have a new platform launch as well. To this end ASUS has been busy preparing motherboards based on AMD’s new X570 chipset, and the company will have a wide variety of options for 3rd-gen Ryzen’s July launch.

At the top of the new X570 product stack are three new motherboard from the Republic of Gamers division, with ATX and mini-ITX boards in the Crosshair VIII series. More affordable gaming options in the ROG family can be found in the Strix series, which ASUS says “focuses on good looks coupled with strong core performance”, while the company’s TUF Gaming boards are designed to provide essential features and durable construction at more aggressive price points.

Outside of the gaming lineup ASUS will offer boards from their Prime family to round out the company’s AMD X570 offering, along with one more interesting product on offer: the first Pro workstation motherboard for Ryzen processors from ASUS.

Republic of Gamers

At the high end ASUS will be offering three Crosshair VIII motherboards from the Republic of Gamers division, with the ROG Crosshair VIII Formula, Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi), and the mini-ITX Crosshair VIII Impact.

ASUS Announces AMD X570 Motherboard Lineup for Ryzen 3000 Series - Motherboards 8

These motherboards offer the highest level of features in the lineup and are “fit for the most demanding overclockers and gamers looking to extract every ounce of performance from their systems”, according to ASUS. One area that gets the premium treatment is memory tuning, which is good news since RAM compatibility and overclocking has been an important part of the Ryzen story since the beginning. These ROG boards include a feature called OptiMem III, a technology exclusive to ASUS that “offers additional margin for memory tuning compared to the previous generation—even when tested using an identical 2nd Gen Ryzen processor on the same board with and without this technology”.

ASUS Announces AMD X570 Motherboard Lineup for Ryzen 3000 Series - Motherboards 9
"Across the ASUS X570 army, five divisions stand ready to handle the latest Ryzen firepower. The ROG Crosshair VIII series has the biggest arsenal and should be the first choice for hardcore gamers, overclockers, and enthusiasts."
ROG Strix

The ROG lineup is rounded out with an additional three boards from the company’s Strix series, with two ATX boards in the Strix X570-E, Strix X570-F, and a more affordable mini-ITX option with the Strix X570-I Gaming motherboard.

ASUS Announces AMD X570 Motherboard Lineup for Ryzen 3000 Series - Motherboards 10
"ROG Crosshair motherboards include the most exotic features for demanding builders creating complicated rigs that push the limits. Gamers don’t always need that level of luxury, so the Strix series retains ROG’s style, performance, and overclocking cred while avoiding niche features that might go unused."
TUF Gaming

There will be a pair of motherboards from ASUS’s TUF Gaming series, with the TUF Gaming X570-PLUS and TUF Gaming X570-PLUS with Wi-Fi.

ASUS Announces AMD X570 Motherboard Lineup for Ryzen 3000 Series - Motherboards 11
"For X570, we have a single motherboard in two variations: the TUF Gaming X570-PLUS and its Wi-Fi equipped twin. At first glance, they look like simplified versions of our Prime models coupled with a different aesthetic, but there’s more than meets the eye. The digital VRM with Dr. MOS power stages and TUF chokes ensures the CPU gets a good supply of clean, rock-steady power, while TUF capacitors with 20% higher heat tolerance than standard alternatives keep the circuitry in line."
Prime X570 Series

ASUS’s Prime series offerings will include the Prime X570-PRO and Prime X570-P motherboards. The Prime X570-PRO offers a higher-end feature set similar to that of the ROG Strix X570-F Gaming, and offers three PCIe 4.0 x16 slots, with the primary pair supporting an x8/x8 configuration for SLI or CrossFireX, and a third x16 slot with four lanes from the chipset.

ASUS Announces AMD X570 Motherboard Lineup for Ryzen 3000 Series - Motherboards 12
"If there’s one motherboard in our X570 lineup that balances every possible take on functionality and aesthetics, it’s the Prime X570-PRO. It ticks all the important checkboxes and wears a unique aesthetic with more universal appeal than gamer-oriented designs."

The Prime X570-P is the most affordable motherboard of the group, “bearing a trimmed-down set of features but still built with the same exacting quality standards as the rest of the family”, according to ASUS.

ASUS Announces AMD X570 Motherboard Lineup for Ryzen 3000 Series - Motherboards 13
"Our hearts desire powerful rigs, but not every build requires a motherboard filled with features, nor can every budget account for the premium. That’s why we have the Prime X570-P. The concept is a simple one: signature ASUS quality in a basic, affordable package that trims the fat but keeps the performance."
Pro WS X570-ACE

A high-end workstation board is also coming, with the Pro WS X570-ACE providing ECC memory support, triple PCI Express 4.0 slots for up to a x8/x8/x8 setup, and more.

ASUS Announces AMD X570 Motherboard Lineup for Ryzen 3000 Series - Motherboards 14
"The Pro WS X570-ACE marries the new CPUs and their PCIe 4.0 connectivity to ECC RAM and management features not normally seen outside of pricey server-grade gear. It’s made to run multiple graphics cards and SSDs for serious content creators, developers, and power users who need a reliable workhorse fit for professional use."

This is a complete lineup with everything from workstation class to mini-ITX gaming boards right out of the gate, though we will have to wait on pricing and released dates as these were not announced. More specifics will be available as we get closer to the launch of the Ryzen 3000 series on July 7th, and you can check out the X570 motherboard guide from ASUS for many more details, specs, and images about these upcoming motherboards.

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  1. Godrilla

    I’m looking forward to a Crosshair VIII in depth review.

    • Sebastian Peak

      You and me both. And I’m loving the mini-ITX boards out of the gate. I guess I’m still jaded from the AM3 era. Yes, I know there were already mITX AM4 boards, and actually have a mini-ITX Strix board here… BUT STILL.

  2. Hakuren

    I have to say, especially on Asus part. With first gen Ryzen/Threadripper I bet at Asus HQ they literally have had pants full predicting that new AMD chip may be a disaster or not sell well. Asus released so very few Ryzen/TR boards it was very puzzling why.

    Now with 3rd iteration (or 2nd depending on what is counted) they suddenly have 6 models on the day of the premiere. I think Panic Stations alarm is well and truly gone. Look at number of boards for new Ryzen like 40 models from all vendors. 3 years ago it was less than half of that.

    While new Gen of Ryzen is not very relevant to me it is funny at least on that motherboard numbers. Waiting for next iteration of TR.


    I can’t wait to see what Asus creates for next GEN Theadripper! I had my eye on the alpha but is so close.


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