ASUS’ ROG THOR PSU; No Spoilers Contained In The Review

ASUS’ ROG THOR PSU; No Spoilers Contained In The Review

Not Recommended For Smiting, No Automatic Return Features

ASUS have not been selling PSU’s for very long when compared to the other manufacturers, they’ve recently released their modified Seasonic Prime Ultra Platinum designated THOR.  KitGuru previously took a look at the rather excessive 1200W model, today they are testing out the fully modular 850W Platinum model.  As this PSU is part of their ROG series, it does indeed present the symptoms of RGB-itis, controllable with Aura Sync as well as an OLED screen which shows your current power draw. 

Regardless of your feelings towards RGBs, the PSU itself is rather impressive.  ASUS upgraded the heatsink inside the PSU as well as some of the components.  In fact KitGuru was able to push the PSU to produce 950W before it shut itself off.  That level of quality as well as the features will cost you though, currently Amazon is selling it for $214.

Last year ASUS entered the power supply market. We reviewed their ROG Thor 1200W Power supply, a heavily modified Seasonic unit that delivered superb results – well if you could afford the £315 asking price. Today we take a look at the 850 watt model priced around £200, meaning it will target a much wider audience.

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