The battle for Arulco never ends

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN The battle for Arulco never ends

JA2 Ages Like Fine Whisky

It has been 20 years since Jagged Alliance 2 was released and ever since then The Bear’s Pit has been the place to go for updates, mods and total conversions.  They have done a far better job at keeping the series alive than any of the various new versions of the game which have been sold since. 

JA2 v1.13 offers a huge amount of change, from Deidranna’s counterstrike in Drassen being more than just a bluff to murderous combat jeeps and an entirely new covert ops mechanic which lets you collect intelligence on the enemy.  As there are now Generals which offer global bonuses to the Queen’s forces, who will immediately attempt to flee back to Meduna if your forces arrive in an area and you aren’t able to kill him quickly enough.

Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN offers a brief look at the huge update, as well as tips on getting JA2 Gold working on Windows 10.

Now for that good mod business I know you’re here for. Jagged Alliance 2 v1.13, by “Flugente” and the Bear’s Pit crew, should win an award for Most Unassuming Mod Title. Just one version number higher than the official v1.12 final patch, the name belies an astonishingly complex overhaul, almost a new game in its own right.

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