CORSAIR Launches the Hydro X Series: A Complete Custom Cooling Line

Source: CORSAIR CORSAIR Launches the Hydro X Series: A Complete Custom Cooling Line

Custom Cooling Goes Mainstream

CORSAIR made a splash at Computex with the launch of their new Hydro X Series, a full line of custom watercooling components with integrated RGB lighting. Everything from CPU and GPU blocks to the pump/reservoir, radiators, tubing, fittings, and accessories are included, and getting started with a custom loop has been made very easy even for the uninitiated, with CORSAIR providing an online Custom Cooling Configurator tool to make sure you pick the right parts.

CORSAIR Launches the Hydro X Series: A Complete Custom Cooling Line - Cases and Cooling 3

“From CPU and graphics card water blocks to a pump/reservoir, fittings, tubing, radiators, and coolant, the Hydro X Series offers everything you need to build a spectacular custom cooling loop that lowers system temperatures and improves performance, complete with vivid RGB lighting.

Rigorously tested and validated to ensure the utmost reliability and stability, the Hydro X Series has been meticulously designed to work best alongside the massive range of CORSAIR cases and cooling components, fully integrated with CORSAIR iCUE software for automated fan and pump speed control and complete lighting customization.

The Hydro X Series delivers a complete range of high-quality parts to build an amazing custom cooling system, while removing many of the complexities in the process. For those who want to take their PC build to new heights of performance and style, the Hydro X Series puts custom cooling firmly within reach.”

That doesn’t mean you won’t have sticker shock if you’ve never priced out a custom loop, as $600+ for a full setup with CPU and GPU blocks and the components to create a loop is not for everyone. Prices also climb pretty quickly if you plan on overclocking and need additional radiators and the required components to integrate them into the loop, with an $800+ cart price for high-performance systems.

CORSAIR Launches the Hydro X Series: A Complete Custom Cooling Line - Cases and Cooling 4

It looks great, undoubtedly cools far better than stock cooling options, and is easy to configure online and purchase – but how much does it cost? While custom liquid cooling isn’t exactly a budget option for your PC build the pricing from CORSAIR is actually pretty good compared to a similar setup from EKWB, for example. CORSAIR’s CPU blocks range from $74.99 – $79.99 and GPU blocks range from $139.99 – $149.99, compared to $100 CPU blocks and $159.99 GPU blocks for the same setup using EKWB’s configuration tool.

As to compatibility, CORSAIR’s CPU blocks provide support for AMD AM4 and TR4 and Intel LGA 115x and 2066 processors, with GPU blocks currently available for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070, 2080 FE, 2080 TI FE, and GTX 1080 TI FE cards, as well as an AMD Vega 64 option. The Hydro X Series parts are all available now from CORSAIR’s web store, with authorized retailers gaining availability in the coming weeks.

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