EVGA NU Audio Card Gains 3D Audio Support via Free Software Update

Source: EVGA EVGA NU Audio Card Gains 3D Audio Support via Free Software Update

The NU Audio Card Now Offers Virtual Surround for Gamers

Already a strong contender as a desktop solution for 2-channel audio, EVGA’s NU Audio card has gained support for 3D audio via a new software update. Virtual surround effects are powered by Nahimic, and additional options have also been added such as quick EQ controls, selectable reverb effects, and compression options such as loudness control for night listening. Timing of this software update coincides with a current price drop to $199.99 with EVGA offering a $50 instant rebate, matching the price offered to EVGA ELITE members when the card launched.

EVGA NU Audio Card Gains 3D Audio Support via Free Software Update - General Tech 3

Today, EVGA releases a free software update that further enhances and upgrades the capabilities of the EVGA NU Audio Card for owners using Windows 10. The NU Audio Card is now enhanced by Nahimic with 3D Audio for Gamers, along with many other features, including:

  • Nahimic 3D Audio for Gamers – The NU Audio Card now supports virtual surround at the click of a button. Games, PCM audio, movies, and other content can all be played back with virtual surround, even if it is a stereo source.
  • Reverb effects – Change the environmental soundstage of your audio to simulate different effects.
  • Dynamic Compression – Avoid volume spikes through the NU Audio Software by choosing a compression mode to match your listening environment.
  • Recording effects – The NU Audio Card now has a volume stabilizer to minimize the difference in voice volume when speaking, as well as ambient noise reduction to minimize static audio from your environment.
  • Quick EQ option – In addition to the 10-band equalizer, the NU Audio Card now features a Quick EQ option to quickly adjust output levels for bass, vocal clarity, and treble.
EVGA NU Audio Card Gains 3D Audio Support via Free Software Update - General Tech 4

For those unfamiliar, the NU Audio card is a sound card designed in partnership with a UK hi-fi company called Audio Note, and it uses premium components throughout with a focus on high quality 2-channel sound. The new software update further expands its versatility with the kind of simulated surround effects we’re used to seeing from other solutions, but critical listening with high-resolution source files is still the bread and butter of a product offering support for up to 32-bit, 384 kHz files, dual clock oscillators for native support of 44.1 and 48 kHz based sample rates, and native DSD support – among other things.

NU Audio users can download the updated software from EVGA, and you can check out our full review of the card right here.

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