You Would Think a John Wick Game Might Resemble Max Payne

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN You Would Think a John Wick Game Might Resemble Max Payne

Combat is Like a Game of Chess

Instead of a bullet-time based shooter John Wick Hex will actually be a cell-shaded hybrid turn based, real time tactical murder-fest.  Vaguely similar to old style games like Jagged Alliance, you will have a variety of possible actions to choose from in combat, with each one having a specific cost in time as well as another stat called focus.  The story will not be tied to the movies, but will offer an untold John Wick story in between vicious combat action. 

You can get a better idea by checking out the trailer which Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN posted.

The game’s combat is not purely turn-based, but plays out over small chunks of highly planned time. Every action has costs attached, both in terms of time taken and ‘focus’ used.

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  1. funandjam

    It’s also an Epic store “Exclusive”, For how long? I haven’t found any site yet that says if it is a timed exclusive or it will forever only be on EGS for hte pc platform.
    Jeremy, this should have been part of hte blurb.

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      Dang, didn’t realize it was!


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