MonsterLabo Offers Your System A New Home In A Heat Exchanger

Source: Kitguru MonsterLabo Offers Your System A New Home In A Heat Exchanger

Passive, Aggressive Cooling

Behold the MonsterLabo, a large heat exchanger with enough free space to install computer components in.  The heat exchanger is capable of cooling a 100W TDP CPU along with a 120W GPU passively, or with the addition of a 140mm fan you can handle TDPs of 140W and 160W respectively.  There are also size limitations, you will need to limit your choices to a Socket AMD AM4 or LGA115x CPU; for the GPU you can consider an RTX 2070 as the limit, with the stock model’s 175W TDP.

Kitguru tested the enclosure with a Ryzen 7 2700 and RTX 2070; but you could choose to purchase a fully configured system as they offer a AMD Ryzen 7 and GTX 1660 Ti model as well as an i5-9600K and RTX 2070.  Kitguru tested their build in a number of configurations, even the worse case scenario saw GPU and CPU temperatures well under 60C at full load.  It will cost you a bit, but if you are looking for a unique looking, completely silent case, this is worth a peek.

Picture the heatsink used in, say, a large be quiet! cooler and then imagine something five times larger and you have a starting point for The First.

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    thanks jeremy for the link

    fun video review by leo

    cool product


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