PC Perspective Podcast #542 – GTX 1650, Optane H10, and Classic Flash Games

Join us this week for our full review of the MSI GTX 1650 Gaming X, a look at two new gaming mice from Corsair, AMD’s 50th Anniversary hardware, Valve’s newest VR headset, and a sneak peek at the new PCPer.com!

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Jim Tanous

Jim is an Editor at PC Perspective. Jim lives in the Cincinnati area with his wife, son, and two-and-a-half cats.


  1. Dvon of Edzore

    New site seems to be live. I suppose I’ll get used to it.



    I hope at least it’s cheaper to operate than the old site. And not just in reduced traffic.

    • Tim Verry

      Well hopefully traffic won’t reduce lol. It’s cheaper in man hours and our sanity when editing so there’s that LOL.


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