SCYTHE Have Released The New Fuma 2 Dual Tower Cooler

Source: Scythe SCYTHE Have Released The New Fuma 2 Dual Tower Cooler

He’s Not Heavy, He’s My Heatsink

SCYTHE have update their dual tower heatsink lineup with the Fuma 2 today, a $60 cooler which offers improved performance over the original.  It is 137x131x154.5mm, which will give some flexibility when you are choosing a case and at 1kg it shouldn’t unduly stress your motherboard.  Scythe’s tests showed a 15% improvement in cooling efficiency compared to the original dual tower model and the anti-vibration mounts for the pair of 120mm fans should keep the noise down.

SCYTHE Have Released The New Fuma 2 Dual Tower Cooler - Cases and Cooling 2

As you can see in the picture above, they have designed the heatsink with a crowed socket in mind, even RAM with tall heatspreaders should not pose a problem when you are mounting the Fuma 2 on your AMD or Intel based system.  The design should also ensure your GPU is not brushing up against the cooler, either. 

Scythe announces the release of new dual-towers cooler, FUMA 2, the successor of the Fuma family. With enlarged fins of heatsink and two Kaze Flex 120mm fans, Fuma 2 increase 15% cooling efficiency compared to 1 st version. Asymmetrical design and cutout allow unlimited access to RAM module, and HPMS III mounting system guarantees convenient and secure installation as well as perfect contact pressure of most modern sockets and platform.

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