Tell Me It’s True Dr. Su, We Can Visit Navi in Rome Come Q3?

Source: The Inquirer Tell Me It’s True Dr. Su, We Can Visit Navi in Rome Come Q3?

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AMD released it’s Q1 financial results and the news was good enough to see their stock jump 4% overnight.  It’s not all roses and sunshine, their revenues of $1.27bn, are 23% lower than Q1 2018 but not only was that expected but the actual revenue beat analyst’s predictions by a small margin.  The volume is there however, for their expanded gross margin was 41% which is a 5% jump from this time last year.  You can get more numbers by jumping the GAAP over to The Register.

On the other hand you might be more interested in their products, in which case the news out of the The Inquirer will interest you far more.  As part of the financial results meeting, CEO Dr. Lisa Su confirmed AMD is on track to get Rome out the door before Q3 and available for purchase early in the second half of 2019.  Navi is also on schedule and will arrive at the same time, in some fashion or another.  We did speculate on the podcast about just what level of performance it may offer at launch. 

The chipmaker revealed it'll have new the new GPUs and CPUs ready for launch this year in a conference call following the release of its Q1 financial results.

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