This Z390 Motherboard Is Built ASUS TUF

Source: TechPowerUp This Z390 Motherboard Is Built ASUS TUF

A Z390 board for overclocking on a budget

ASUS offers an interesting mix of features and savings with the $135 TUF Z-390 Pro Gaming motherboard.  The price will leave you with some dosh to be able to fill the two PCI-e M.2 slots and consider picking up higher frequency DIMMs as the board will handle up to four DDR4-4266 modules.  It’s not just the peripherals, TechPowerUp describes this as far and away the most stable clocking Z390 board they have had the pleasure of testing.  As for what you are missing; you will not have any WiFi capabilities nor USB-C connectivity unless you pick additional add-in cards.

A focused, no nonsense addition to the Z390 roster, the ASUS TUF Z390-Pro Gaming promises performance, stability, and a classic TUF Gaming Alliance aesthetic. What does this motherboard have to offer beyond the ASUS and TUF branding?

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