Viper’s New SSD Introduces A Different Type of VPN

Source: Kitguru Viper’s New SSD Introduces A Different Type of VPN

Don’t Tread On My SSD

Viper has not released an SSD in quite a while, the last which comes to mind was two years ago when they released one which has a colour scheme reminiscent of a MyDigitalSSD design.  Their new VPN100 1TB NVMe drive was undreamt of in those long ago days but is now a reality and up for review over at Kitguru.  At it’s heart is the Phison PS5012-E12 which helps it match the PR spiel, sequential testing shows 3,450MB/s for reads and up to 3,000MB/s for writes is attainable on this drive, which puts it’s performance firmly in the middle of the pack though at ~$150 it is not really a value priced SSD.

Part of that price may be the impressive aluminium heatsink, which is effective but does make installing this in a laptop an interesting proposition; which may or may not require a hacksaw.

It’s been a very long time since we last looked at a Patriot NVMe SSD – it was actually the Hellfire from way back in 2017 to be exact. Today, however, we can present our review of Patriot’s latest SSD, the VPN100, which sits in the company’s Viper Gaming portfolio. Is it up to snuff when compared against the competition?

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  1. Shambles

    Came looking for some crazy RDMA type VPN system, left happy seeing RAM without RGB.


    I bought the 256GB version of this drive for my new Ryzen 2600X system on an older B350 motherboard and it is FAST! Really fast. I’m guessing that phison e12 controller has a lot to do with it.

  3. DeadOfKnight

    Misleading title.

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      How so? It is literally the name of the product line.


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