Will You Comment Your PowerShell Scripts If We Give You Emojis?

Source: Ars Technica Will You Comment Your PowerShell Scripts If We Give You Emojis?

A bevy of new features from Microsoft

Microsoft announced several interesting things today, including a new and improved console experience with support for tabs and emojis, intended to improve your experience with PowerShell, the Windows Subsystem for Linux, and even good old cmd.exe.  Along with the UI changes comes improved performance, as Window’s console has always lagged behind the responsiveness of Linux.  Ars Technica suggests it will double in speed which will be good news for sysadmins everywhere.

That’s not all however as they also announced some new tricks for the web, one for those looking forwards and one for those looking back.  For those looking for something new .NET 5 was announced; which has nothing to do with .NET framework nor .NET Core as should be obvious from the name?  Instead it is a way for remote Visual Studio 2019 programmers to collaborate with coworkers remotely on any device as well as adding new features to Intellicode and more … which you can check out on Slashdot.

The last announcement is for those who still depend on Internet Explorer’s rendering engine for ancient webpages and tools.  The new Chromium Edge will have an IE mode, which will launch the venerable engine within the new browser and even customize the browser if they so desire.  It will likely only take another decade or two for those tools to finally be upgraded to work in a modern browser.

In Windows 10, Microsoft has been working to make the Windows command-line experience vastly improved, making it work much more like Unix command-line environments. But a couple of issues are still waiting to be fixed: people want tabs in their command-line, and they want support for emoji.

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  1. Gunbuster

    Another creators update? If my count is right this is “Windows 10 Creators update, update, update, update.


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