You Need Good Eyes And Ears To Notice beQuiet!’s Dark Rock Slim Cooler

Source: Modders Inc You Need Good Eyes And Ears To Notice beQuiet!’s Dark Rock Slim Cooler

be Quiet! Put Their Latest Cooler On A Keto Diet

We first ran into be Quiet’s Dark Rock Slim at CES, but until this week we hadn’t seen any reviews.  The cooler may be impressively lithe, but it is still able to handle 180W of TDP which implies it should be quite effective at cooling most modern processors.  Standing 72x127x159.4mm and weighing in at 620g it is not as small as some of the coolers Sebastian has reviewed recently but the design does guarantee that not only will you be able to install the most ostentatious RGB’d RAM you can find but that you will also have a clear view of it.

Modders Inc tested it with an i7 8700K and even overclocked to 4.8GHz the cooler still performed fairly well and even at 100% fan speed it did not register on their sound testing equipment which means it was producing less that 30dBA of sound pressure.  Check out their full review for more details.

Lots of people are starting to step away from Air coolers these days, myself included. With numerous All in One liquid coolers on the market, it’s hard to stay away from the performance they have to provide and let’s not forget the RGB. But Air cooling is still widely used among enthusiasts

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