Tune In For the AMD E3 Event, Starting at 3PM PDT

Tune In For the AMD E3 Event, Starting at 3PM PDT

The AMD E3 Event, Next Horizon Gaming, is set to kick off soon. It’s scheduled for today, June 10th at 3:00 PM PDT (6:00 PM EDT / 10:00 PM UTC). We’ll have the live stream embedded here as soon as it’s available.

How to Watch the AMD E3 Event

As mentioned, we’ll embed the live stream on this page as soon as it’s available. Alternatively, you can visit AMD’s YouTubeFacebook, or Twitch pages to access the stream there.

What to Expect From the AMD E3 Event

After first teasing its new Navi-based RX 5000-series graphics cards during its Computex Keynote last month, AMD promised to provide more information at E3. We therefore expect additional details on performance, specifications, and pricing, as well as some new benchmarks comparing RX 5000-series cards against their NVIDIA counterparts. We also hope to hear more technical details about the new RDNA architecture and AMD’s plans beyond this initial RX 5000 launch.

Now that both Microsoft and Sony have provided some details about their upcoming AMD-powered consoles, we may also hear directly from AMD on the hardware and performance characteristics of the Xbox Scarlett and Next-Gen PlayStation. We may also hear from the company regarding the software side of its new gaming hardware, such as developer partnerships and graphics driver advances or enhancements.

Finally, rumors have been circulating this morning regarding additional processor-related announcements, so there’s possibly more to hear from AMD on that topic as well. Overall, it’s poised to be another exciting event for AMD.

Our very own Sebastian is in the audience for the event, so he’ll have more to share afterwards.

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