Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L And Q300P

Source: Overclockers Club Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L And Q300P

Master Q, Master L And Master P

Cooler Master’s Q300L and Q300P prove than no matter how different you look on the outside, you are the same on the inside.  These two cases share the same interior, however the Q300L is the smoky side, fractal designed front sibling while the Q300P has big feets.   The bundled cooling options are slightly different as well, the Q300P comes with two front 120mm RGB fans, the Q300L comes with one rear 120mm, but both have the same capacity for six 120mm fans total; the front panel being the only space to accept either 120mm or 140mm fans.

The cases can support a variety of configurations and at $40 for the Q300L and $66 for the Q300P you should spend a moment over at OCC to see them up close.

The big difference is with the Q300P. With it you get two front 120mm RGB fans, as well as a backlit RGB angled top panel. Of course, there are also the top handles and feet at the bottom. Finally, there are the smoked top and front cover panels. Those additions to the Q300P make it an attractive case. The Q300L is not bad at all - aesthetically it is just a bit more mellow than the Q300P.

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