The next few days will have a handful of E3 2019 Press Conferences ahead of the proper expo. While there will probably be some news coverage by us throughout the week, the earliest way to find out (things that weren’t leaked) is to see the announcement broadcasts directly. Most of these will be available on big channels with commentary, such as, although some might be held elsewhere.

EA held a live stream for several hours on Saturday that discussed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Apex: Legends, Battlefield V, FIFA 20, Madden NFL 20, and The Sims 4. It wasn’t exactly a press conference format, but it’s available on YouTube if you want to learn anything about them.

As for the actual press conferences:

  • Microsoft: Sunday at 4:00pm ET
  • Bethesda: Sunday at 8:30pm ET
  • Ubisoft: Monday at 4:00pm ET
  • Square Enix: Monday at 9:00pm ET

Plus a few other announcement events:

  • Devolver Digital: Sunday at 10:00pm ET
  • E3VR (UploadVR): Monday at 12:00pm ET
  • PC Gaming Show: Monday at 1:00pm ET
  • Nintendo: Tuesday at 12:00pm ET

Because Sony dropped out this year, third-party publishers that don’t have their own press conference will likely end up at Microsoft and the PC Gaming Show. As such, those two conferences should be slightly bigger than usual. The publisher keynotes will likely be on par with previous years, though.

Speaking of the PC Gaming Show, while it was a PC Gamer event, it was sponsored by some big names in the past. The first couple were AMD, although that switched to Intel two years ago. Last year there was no major sponsor, just a bunch of minor sponsors. This year? Epic Games and the Epic Store (plus a bunch of minor sponsors).

Of course, there are a few other live streams that you can find, such as Limited Run Games (Monday at 3:00pm ET) and Kinda Funny Showcase (Monday at 7:30pm ET). If you know of any more, be sure to leave a note in the comments.